Garbage Collection is kinda magical.

//Garbage Collection is kinda magical.

Garbage Collection is kinda magical.

I was just taking out the garbage and had one of those weird moments. Have you ever just been doing your routine and realized how it is somewhat surreal? I’m putting garbage into a bin and then in the morning it vanishes. Sure, I understand, a couple people drive by and steal it. What fascinates me about it is that it exists at all. We have built systems that allow us to coordinate the extraction of garbage from households.

It’s weird because Ants just kinda do this stuff. They aren’t paid, they don’t get negotiated with, they are just born and then they do. I wonder if there is an arc for this kind of cognition vs. instinct? At what level could you give ants enough cognitive power that they’d not longer function in harmony? At what point would you need to introduce social queues or even laws?

If we follow along the mental arc of animals do we find these trends? Are their tiers of animals where things similar to customs arise? Animals who are taught to be, rather than just being? It is interesting to think that it might be our own brains that struggle to work in tandem with our overall survival? Does this continue to become more true or less true? Would a being twice as smart as us (if you could quantify such a thing) have twice as much trouble cooperating without strict rules?

Or is it some kind of peculiar inverse square law? Although the more I think about it I wonder if its not a bell curve. Perhaps we are on the downswing of the curve working towards harmony? Perhaps a future generation of humanity, greatly enhanced, that will work as one united entity.

Anywho yeah, took out the trash.

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