Getting close to the end of Bloodborne.

//Getting close to the end of Bloodborne.

Getting close to the end of Bloodborne.

As you can see above I’ve been averaging a bit better than one boss per day since I started playing. That isn’t to say the game is easy. A few of the fights so far have been somewhat stressful. Once I finish the game proper I’ll probably write a “Casuals guide to Bloodborne”. With the intention of teaching people how to play the game without too much stressing them out. I still wouldn’t say this would be my GOTY. It’s nice, I’d say good, but I’m certainly not swooning over it like most folks did in the last year. Cities and Witcher 3 were much better experiences for me on the whole (with one being a bit more related than the other).

Some of its flaws are more forgivable than others. The loading times, which I hear are improved over the original release, are still far too long for the size of zones. This could have been mediated by letting you port directly from one lantern to another, rather than forcing you to return to a hub world first each time. In a normal game experience that wouldn’t be too bad but it accentuates a problem with the game.

I also feel the game relies far too heavily on “surprises”. There is almost no reason that a lumbering giant should be able to sneak up on me. I get that it’s “exciting” or whatever but its a bit immersion breaking. I’m a hunter with heightened senses, I should hear the footsteps of a 12 foot tall multi ton monstrosity.

Otherwise its a compelling game that does a fair number of things right. I’ll probably be getting Dark Souls 3 at this rate just to experience it. I doubt I’ll ever go back to 1 or 2 though.

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