Giant Flaming Tornadoes

//Giant Flaming Tornadoes

Giant Flaming Tornadoes

  I’m pretty tired. So I think today I’m just going to mention something super awesome and leave the rest to a different website. This is called piggy-backing! Let’s do this!

  You know what a tornado is? I’m sure you do, crazy swirling funnels of air that destroy everything in their path. Well imagine a big one, lets say ten thousand kilometers across, lets also imagine this thing is completely on fire.

  Yeah, these are a thing.

  There are Tornadoes on the Sun!

  These things can get as big as the Earth, if you took the Earth and set it side by side 5 times. That’s crazy, insane, awesome, and a bunch of other words. The scale is basically impossible for me to wrap my head around and its super fun to think about.

  So yeah, that’s what I got for today. Let that imagery float around your brain for the rest of the night and day.

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