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Got Ashes of Al’ar today!

This was a surprise I genuinely was not expecting! There is a 2% chance of getting this mount at the time of this post. Not only did I get it (a 1 in 50 chance) but Liz got it as well! Within 30 minutes of one another. That’s a 1 in 2500 chance! Pretty interesting. If you wager that you can only try once a week (per character), and if we only tried on one character, it would take over 200 years to have this happen again (on average).

I tried twice. I don’t know how many characters she tried on today. Regardless it was fairly exciting. I managed to snag a video of me opening it. You can check that out below. I’m very quiet because of my microphone but working on that.

Liz and I on our fancy new Phoenixes!

Liz and I on our fancy new Phoenixes!

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