Graduation Celebration

//Graduation Celebration

Graduation Celebration


graduation  It’s that time of the year again, kids graduating and preparing to be met headlong by the harsh reality of life. If you are someone graduating in quite a few different Western countries you are about to be in for quite an unpleasant life. Jobs are scarce, the old generation is denying you and those around you the benefits they got in spades, and laws are getting more strict on letting people escape crushing debt.

  It’s funny, as people throw those hats into the air, they think they are about to go off and find happiness. But for High school graduates they are going to be shoehorned into college, for college students they are likely going to find pretty poor jobs.

  I’m not trying to come off too pessimistic, but I do think the celebration of graduation has been for a while now very mismatched with the reality of graduation. School provides you with a remarkably kind life, you have people who work hard to constantly shield you from ignorance, whereas the adults you meet post-school are constantly trying to lie to you to get your money or your vote.

  How low impact is school compared to life? Think about what your major conflict was? For most people it was social drama, there was so little to worry about that most of us were and many people are complaining about their relationships, gossip, and other irrelevant controversy. That’s it, its harmless and can’t stalk you to the ends of your days.

  Adulthood? You’ll find creditors trying to trick you into going deep into the rabbit hole of debt, they’ll use smiling poster boards and air conditioned banks to bring your mind to ease. Even the color schemes are designed to relax you, to help make you feel safe. But their goal is not to help protect your money, it is to be a business, and to be a business in the modern age is to prey on people.

  Try leaving your house as an adult with nothing but the clothes on your back, see how naked you end up feeling. Did you lock the door? Is the stove on? What about your phone? Where are you going to go? Likely long gone are the days of everything interesting being within walking distance, you best have a car and with that comes car insurance and gas payments.

  Congratulations to all Graduates, I can’t say I envy you. For an increasingly small group the next chapter of your life will be quite delightful and care free, for the rest of you, life just got very real and you can no longer go to a counselor for guidance, the only person who wants to give you advice now is a military recruiter and I can assure you he is an asshole.

  Completely unrelated, I cooked today, was a lot of fun. Will do again.

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