Happy Holidaze

//Happy Holidaze

Happy Holidaze

I’ve been tired all day. Not saying today went poorly, far from it, I’ve just been unusually fatigued. So strange because I feel like I got plenty of sleep last night. I spent a portion of today playing Fallout 4 and obviously gifts were opened. I like all of them. Going to need to plan out my time to see how much stuff I can get through. I think realistically I’ve hit a point in my life where I can slow down on purchases and just coast along on what I’ve got.

It’s not that I don’t like buying new things, I actually do enjoy that a fair bit but I just don’t see the point anymore. I’ve got so much to work with and so little time to work with it. I’ll be starting up my YouTube videos again in the new year but I’ve got a new format planned. I’m going to do a “series” each year, and it won’t be by episode. It’ll be by game. I play a game until it stops being fun. That fun point is where I’ll end my experience. The first time I play the game I’ll be going for the JTT (Just the Tip) and if I play it for more than one day I’ll switch over to TIP “The Iceberg: Permafrost”. Each time playing until I’m done or bored. The boredom will help me find the criticisms for a game, if any exist. Find that point of no return where the issues of a game are too glaring to overlook.

I’m still not sure how or if I’ll edit them for their youtube releases. It’s something that I think will be a learning experience over the next year. I dunno, I’ll mull it over. I’ve got a few more days before I’d like to start. For this year my project of one post per day is nearly complete! Just 5 days to go! I think…shit…how many days are in December? I refuse to look. Well, however many days remain!

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