Hawaiian Vacation – Day 3

//Hawaiian Vacation – Day 3

Hawaiian Vacation – Day 3

Every vacation needs a day to relax. I think sometimes folks get so caught up in having a million things to do that they don’t take time to just enjoy the scenery. Life is short but it can feel even shorter if you spend the entire thing running from one experience to the next. I didn’t take many pictures today, I only took one actually. Outside the winds were blowing something fierce and rain poured from the skies. We took a short trip to grab some burgers (which were ok) and a few supplies. The roads in some areas had flooded a bit from the rain in the short time we had been driving.

Even the golf course had new water hazards for the folks gutsy enough to play in a storm. You might think nobody would be playing but you’d be wrong. Somehow even with this lazy day I managed to break my sunglasses. They survived a single half day trip, not the greatest. If you are thinking of buying 15 dollar sunglasses from Walmart I can’t recommend it. I realize they aren’t built to be stepped on but I put very little pressure on them with a bare foot and they crumbled up like paper.

Ah well, such is life. I’m not going to get bent out of shape about it. Vacations can be costly and I can consider it a rental fee for that one day. It kept my eyeballs from getting sunburned so that’s good.

I sat around playing fantasy life today and thinking about real life. Nothing too intense. No moments about work, or anything else that might get a rise out of me. Just simple thoughts. I haven’t done it in a very long time and I think its easier here because I only hear the sea. It drowns out any cars that might be going by and leaves me with simple white noise.

That’s lost a bit at our home. The highway outside screams at all hours of the day. LA in general is just hectic and noisy. I recall one colleague saying “It’s dirty, and noisy, and crowded, and smelly. It reminds me of India, I love it here!” I had never heard those things used as a positive and I can’t say that I agree. But at least she’s happy with it.

Not much else to say. Just letting this soft day; and the thousand coats of aloe vera on my face, sooth me

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