Hawaiian Vacation – Day 5

//Hawaiian Vacation – Day 5

Hawaiian Vacation – Day 5

I didn’t get much sleep last night. No reason in particular. Some days the brain just doesn’t care to shut off. I’ve written before on why that might be. I’ve managed to spend an entire week in Maui with minimal burning and today was no exception. A slight pinkness of the face, the back of my right arm, top of my right hand, and a little bit on the back of my right leg. Nothing that should make the flight home too bad.

It requires a lot of effort to not burn and I’m happy to say it paid off. I didn’t even really break out this trip either. It would appear that banana boat is “legit” as the kids say these days. These days is the 90s right? Please say yes. I still haven’t caught all the pokemanz.

Our task for today was snorkeling. Because of my lack of sleep last night I actually wasn’t initially amped to go outside. We grabbed our gear and head down to a beach at around noon. This was a smart move because most other folks were still sleeping or recovering from their ninth mimosa the night before.

After a bit of prep work with our sunscreen and armoring up with flippers (and all the rest of the gear associated with snorkeling) I set out into the water. Immediately I was greeted by hyperventilation and fishes. These two things were unrelated but the latter didn’t really help the former.

I’ve had some close calls with drowning (and dying in general) in the past which makes it difficult for me to relax in the ocean. Seeing as the primary antagonist in Scion is a mountain sized sea monster it probably goes without saying that I’m not at ease in water. But I can’t argue that what lives beneath the waves is exciting.

Beautiful animals that somehow break the rule of “vibrant colors == poisonous or venomous”. Fish whose skin reflected so much light that they appeared to be bio-luminescent. Angel fish whom I didn’t know the name so I called them “That yellow fish from Finding Nemo.”

This isn't an angel fish. Use your imagination.

This isn’t an angel fish. Use your imagination.

I saw a pipe fish that I mistook for an eel and entire schools of fish swam beneath me. On one occasion a fish turned towards me and swam right up to my face. This surprised me because I was screaming like a child in a candy store the entire time I was looking under water. “Fishy!” I screamed. Then I’d see another “Oooh Fishy!” They apparently are used to monkeys shouting at them because not a one ran away from me.

This was the fish that hung out with me. Aiming a camera while bouncing about in waves is an art I've not yet mastered.

This was the fish that hung out with me. Aiming a camera while bouncing about in waves is an art I’ve not yet mastered.

On another occasion I sank the song “Under the Sea” to the fish through my snorkeling equipment. I like to think they enjoyed it. Little did I know that my dulcet tones might be catching the attention of something…larger.

Liz and I left the water after about a half hour and started building a great mountain of sand on the beach. As it reached just beneath the clouds (or perhaps a little lower than that) she said “I wish there were whales.” Literally, as in the most literal meaning of literally, as she said that I looked out to the water and saw a massive fin pierce the waves. There wasn’t a moment between her wish and the whale appearing.

I thought to myself “Well shit. There went her one wish in life.” Then I thought “Ooooh! Whales!” Again for a half hour or more (likely more) a couple of whales and a calf slapped the water with their fins (flippers, I know, fins is shorter). On occasion they would hit with so much force that you could hear it all the way on the shore. Or maybe you couldn’t and my brain just made me hear it. Like watching a gif and hearing the sound of the person smacking into the pavement.

Liz took videos and photos of the whole thing. In this instance her 48 trillion x zoom was better for seeing the whales on the horizon than my paltry eyes.

Presumably some whale panky going on here.

Presumably some whale panky going on here.

I was so enamored by the whales that I didn’t realize that the sand had actually cut one of my fingers. I had been pressing more sand up onto our mountain while staring at the whales for a good ten minutes before I looked down and realized I was jamming sand into a cut.

A quick prance down to the water, manly prance I mean, and I remembered another fun fact about the ocean. The ocean is salty. Salt water doesn’t feel great in wounds. Woops!

Some time later and the sea returned Bill and Polly to us. Hurling them onto the beach with a note that read “Rent’s due.” None of us had cash on hand so we slipped away while the ocean wasn’t looking. My skin felt great and my muscles were nice and sore after that excursion.

We grabbed some shaved ice at the hotel (called Shave Ice just to drive me to madness) with ice cream at the bottom. It was very tasty. We also went and saw a blow hole that I’ve got some video of. That’ll require a small bit of editing because it is 18 minutes long and most of it is just a shot of ground doing absolutely nothing.

Along the way, in both direction, some natives near a bridge shouted to us to “Buy some weed!” and “Maui Wowie!” I appreciated their forwardness. The most important stop on the way back was to look at a rooster and his massive harem of chickens. He refused to stand perpendicular to us. Clearly he had decided that we were only good enough to see his rump.

The rest of the time between this moment and now is largely a blur. I’m presuming that I ended up at a black jack tournament and cleared house. I can’t be certain but I’m guessing that is what happened.

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