Hawaiian Vacation – Day 6

//Hawaiian Vacation – Day 6

Hawaiian Vacation – Day 6

I’m sitting in the airport now. The internet here wants my money. Jokes on it, I’ll just connect to my phone in a bit and use that for an internet spot. I don’t quite get airports charging for internet, I suppose I’m just not savvy on capitalism.

The last day on Maui was relaxed. I suppose it can’t be much else. By the end of vacations the notion of going home is so overwhelming that it is difficult to concentrate on the trip at hand. Everything starts moving faster. You stare out your window and you stop hearing the ocean, cars start being louder and reality rushes over the rose tinted glasses of paradise.

I don’t have much else to add. Because I’ll be using the phone to add this today I’m being brief. Also we have some chatty folks in the airport and trying to write while folks talk is about as easy as playing Basketball with a barracuda latched to your groin.

I’ll write more tomorrow about the entire vacation and the best shave ice place I’ve ever had. Heck one of the best places for food I’ve ever been.

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