Hawaiian Vacation ~ Day 0

//Hawaiian Vacation ~ Day 0

Hawaiian Vacation ~ Day 0

I started today in the least ideal of fashions. I laid down after midnight on my back realizing that I’d need to be up in 4 hours. About an hour later I came to with Artemis at my feet. Nausea had set in and I was two blinks from seeing just what my body had not yet managed to digest. The normal remedy for this is the heater. So I curled up next to our heater and let it run. My headache from the night before still pierced and my nose ran. I felt about as sick as you can before you are actually, genuinely, sick.

I spent the next three hours in front of that heater. It dried out my skin and my nose. The latter was certainly a blessing. I got some rest, not much, enough to be coherent. Or at the very least I got enough to think I was coherent. We parted with the kitties and made our way to the airport. The drive was slow, traffic so thick that we spent more time motionless than anything else. People pulling in and out of the carpool lane regardless of what the street lines dictated.

The airport was as I always remember it. Slow, needlessly complicated, and naively secured. This quaint notion that inconveniencing people will make them more secure. If we had DUI checkpoints on every road in the united states we’d cut down the number of drunk drivers by 100%. Save thousands of lives every year. But do we do it? No. The only reason this kind of nonsense is acceptable in the airport is that most people don’t fly all the time. So for them that 24 hour checkpoint is a one day, few minute happening. Unlike the checkpoint though it does nothing to make them more secure. They just feel they are more secure. Which means they are less likely to be observant which, ironically, makes them less secure.

I ramble naturally because I am still tired. We got on the plane and sat next to our (pretty nice) seatmate for the trip. The legroom was nonexistent and only grew worse when people leaned back in their chairs. Truly coach was designed by someone who hates human beings. Cramped spaces peppered with videos about how vital and cherished our existence is. It’s like something out of a dream or perhaps a parody novel.

I fell in and out of consciousness on the flight. Time travel, I like to call it. Closing my eyes and then waking up hundreds of miles away from where I last thought. Racing through the sky at literally breakneck speeds. Outside our windows endless blue wrinkles stretched out beneath us. Not that you’d know given how bright the sun is over the ocean. We landed on the island, of which I am not actually certain Maui? Sure, lets say Maui.

Bill and Polly wouldn’t be here for another 6 hours. There are two places to eat once you pass the exist at the airport in Maui. McDonalds which is 1.5 miles away (with luggage) or Starbucks. The true winner of the TSA is capitalism because 20 dollars netted us a small meal that we split between the two of us. It was passable. Its a shame I was so tired in that airport baggage claim. I tried to play my 3DS but would dose while sitting and nearly drop it on the pavement. I’m not disappointed in that fact but instead that I didn’t take a picture of the airport birds.

Little chirping bundles of feathers and joy that flapped all about us. They would come right up to your feet and hop around. On one occasion they nearly ran into my ear while fighting one another over who had the nicest frock. They were certainly the highlight of our stay in Hawaiian purgatory. Liz and I alternated between time travel. As she lay beside me I found myself jealous. I kept slipping out of consciousness but quickly snapping back. Too many people around us and I really didn’t want any of our bags vanishing.

We stopped by that McDonalds on the way to our hotel. They have a new bacon something or other burger. I got one of those, a taro pie, and split a large fry with Liz. We asked for a water cup and they handed me a cup that was maybe three times larger than a ketchup cup. It was funny to me in ways I can’t quite articulate. I nearly laughed the moment he handed it to me, managing instead to only smile like a fool.

Sometime later and here I am in the hotel. The sound of the ocean outside now masked by our air conditioning working its magic. Where tomorrow will take me I’m not quite sure but for now I’m going to go enjoy the sweet embrace of sleep that is not peppered with neck snapping waking terror.

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