Into the Hallow’s End

//Into the Hallow’s End

Into the Hallow’s End

Somedays I’m not really sure what to write about. There are some interesting little bits of info today, like how the Penis may have only evolved once. I mean, that’s amusing right? Nature is like “We got this, that was perfect. They keep making babies like crazy now, onward to the next thing”.

But I don’t think that’s necessarily enough to talk about. However I’m feeling somewhat winded and nauseous, so I’ll leave it at that. It’s interesting to me, given that things like eyeballs have been evolved multiple times. I feel like it says something amusing about nature and perhaps hedonism. Then again, there has been a fair amount of changes to it across various animals. Ducks basically have spearguns, echidna have some kind of weird hydra monster, and various other animals are sporting something that you’d expect in a horror film. The weaponization of the male genital is truly confounding.

Traumatic insemination being something that I am deeply pleased ancient humans didn’t evolve to utilize. If ever there was a grand example of evolution being a blind clockmaker, that would be it.

Further, hedonism doesn’t explain why it goes away in these lizards. Seems awfully cruel, frankly. “Congratulations you’ve won a…just kidding!”

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