Invisible Radiance

//Invisible Radiance

Invisible Radiance

  I just got done watching Quantum Revolution with Michio Kaku (and Brian Cox was in it!) and was interested by the possibilities of one of the technologies that was mentioned. The technology in question was invisibility. They mention in the video that they can bend microwaves around a man made material so that it rejoins on the other side as if it never came into contact with anything. Microwaves, just like visible light, and just like all other radiation act in the same basic manners. The major difference being the wavelength of the wave itself. With the waves on the left side of the scale being much tighter and the waves on the right being much looser. Real quick I’m going to double check that >_>… Gosh darnit, I was backwards. Ah well, you get my point.

  I’m wondering if this could be used for something entirely different, given that the video suggested that the microwaves themselves bend around the object I would presume that this means that they never actually interact with the object itself (at least the object within the man made material). So could we create clothing that effectively shields us from radiation without resorting to heavy metals?

  Could you use this material to make a space ship impervious to the harsh rays of space? Would it be more effective than magnetism? I’m curious because there is no energy needed for it to do what it does, versus electromagnets requiring constant supplies of fuel.

  I’m certainly curious and will probably pester the nearest physicist that reads their emails.

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