Is Entropy a Numbers Game?

//Is Entropy a Numbers Game?

Is Entropy a Numbers Game?

It’s entirely possible, and likely, that this isn’t a new thought. But I was recently thinking about whether Entropy falls into my old post about “Vapid Questions”. I’d link you but I’ll be damned if I can’t find it either. Fitting, I suppose. The thought was that perhaps it’s not that everything is moving from order to disorder, but that for any particular concept there is one (or very few) configurations we’d consider “that thing”. To the contrary there are effectively infinite orders of that same matter that are not “that thing”.

I think of it a bit like a basic two dimensional pipe connection. Imagine you have three pieces of pipe. Both the first and the third piece are level with one another. If we think of it like spacial coordinates they’d both have a y coordinate of zero. The third, and center, piece would have a fluctuating position both infinitely above and infinitely below zero, while also including zero. The only time that content can flow through the pipe is when the pipe is at zero. At this point all three pipes form a connection and what we would consider “order” is achieved.

But when you consider such a system it becomes clear that the vast majority of the time you’ll have a disorderly state, namely one where content cannot flow from the left pipe to the right pipe. If you had a twenty trillion sided die and you rolled it, how surprised would you be each time it rolled anything but one? It seems inevitable, not necessarily a force but rather a numbers game. It’s not necessarily that everything is moving from order to disorder, but that order is one face on the entire infinitely many sided die that is all¬†possibilities of order.

Guessing this isn’t correct but it came to mind.

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