(Isles of Scion) – How does teleportation work?

//(Isles of Scion) – How does teleportation work?

(Isles of Scion) – How does teleportation work?

Teleportation is a tricky thing. If you end up in the wrong place you are likely to die. To the average person the instantaneous movement from one point to another has far too many problems. The place you are currently standing is not static. It is part of a larger body, known as a planet, that is moving extremely quickly through space. The biggest thing that separates a living teleporter from a dead one is their ability to tie their movement to the body of interest. When you walk you move along with the planet that is beneath you. Your steps are local. If you were to be on another planet entirely and walk around your steps would no longer be local in respect to the original planet.

Local teleportation is an art. It requires, at first, a lot of concentration. You are not simply moving from point A to point B but you are doing so modified for the distance traveled by the body you are teleporting on. So if the planet beneath you is moving at 1,000 miles per hour, you need to not just move from A to B but from A was the moment you blinked to where B is when you appear. I know we’ve said that teleportation is “instantaneous” but unfortunately that is not necessarily the case. Teleportation is an intoxicating skill to acquire because you quickly find out that your movement is no longer locked within the realm of time. You can not only move from point A to point B, but from time point A to time point B.

This can only be achieved when you separate the local timeline from the non-local one. Of all the things I’ve ever said this one most greatly falls under “Easier said than done.”

It’s a surreal epiphany when it hits you. Seeing all of creation in four spatial dimensions. Or so we presume. Because a few seconds after a teleporter has the epiphany they die. Blinking some great distance through space and time and floating through the dark cold void of space. The shock of suddenly suffocating in space usually being enough to keep them trapped there. Teleportation requires a great deal of mental acuity, break that and you break the tether between mind and body that allows for it.

Worse still anyone that is around a Teleporter when they warp into the vacuum of space. Normally you replace, to the atom, the exact amount of space you fill in the new location with the space you left behind in the old location. This perfect replacement allows for travel that doesn’t leave a vacuum in your wake. However if you teleport into space you will leave a human, or whatever you might be, sized hole in your wake. The filling of this hole causes a deafening bang and has, on more than one occasion, been the cause of collateral deaths in the nearby vicinity.

It is probably for this reason that many isles have banned the act or research of the act entirely. All it takes is one teleporter in a crowded room to have the epiphany and everyone left behind will be maimed, deafened, or killed.

Another interesting trait of teleportation is that you can get a sense for the power of the being you are watching. Powerful beings possess, for lack of a better word, an essence. This essence radiates from every hole in their body. It is not necessarily dangerous but you would be wise to steer clear of Seraphim. The radiation that spews off of them is liable to fry your brain or boil your eyes if you are unlucky or unprepared, but I repeat myself.

In the wake of a powerful being you will see a wispy silhouette. These silhouettes are massless and do not factor into the void filled during teleportation. If you happen to anger someone and they vanish in a wispy cloud you can be certain of two things. The first is that you have angered someone powerful. The second is that you are likely to soon be dead. I suppose you could also take solace in that you will likely not see your death coming.

Naturally our understandings of teleportation are flawed. With the outlawing of research and the “flighty” nature of teleporters, we begin to have difficulty separating fact from fiction. Further since those who currently practice the art are not willing to be experimented on we can’t be completely sure of the finer details. It is hoped that through discourse, and perhaps luck, that someday we’ll have a complete understanding of this fascinating phenomena.

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