It’s dangerous to go alone, Take Pepe.

//It’s dangerous to go alone, Take Pepe.

It’s dangerous to go alone, Take Pepe.

Today was a lazy day. I’ve been a bit down since Friday. It was nice to distance myself far enough away from it to finally feel a bit more coherent. I did a little work on Unity today. I’m trying to find a good solution for a minimap. I was going to use a camera but that appears to present a problem or two, maybe three. Once I have a solid solution I’ll likely make a guide about it. Most other folks that have sealed the deal on a minimap have only released it for money. I’m not saying that is wrong, it took them time and they want to recoup that time.

But I’d also like for people to be able to get the knowledge they need to keep growing and bettering themselves. Alongside that problem comes animating UI elements (or other elements, frankly, in a scene that can change size. Mobile devices have two widescreen formats that I’ll be looking to hit. The iPad’s wonkey 3:4 widescreen and the Android’s non-fever-dream 16:9. Unfortunately I think on this project there will be some custom work that’ll need to be done to make things work perfectly between the two. That’s not a deal breaker and it is something I’ll need to content with over time. I do wish that Apple would just stop being so far up their own asses that they must do things differently.

Yes, I get it, 3:4, woop dee doo. Aren’t you cool. Maybe join the rest of the planet on 16:9 or 9:16 or any variation. I’m guessing it has to do with there being a double digit value in 16:9. They don’t want to scare away their customers with crazy complex numbers.

Anyways, is what it is. I look forward to the day when I’m just building things for PC and then porting them to mobile. Or perhaps I look forward to the day when all 3 primary entertainment mediums are using the same damn aspect ratio. That would be best. I can handle making things function across any hardware, but getting the visuals to be where I want them to be is another story entirely.

Don’t even get me started on switching between portrait and landscape. I’ll likely not support that at launch.

Anywho, I’m going to go shoot things for thirty minutes and see about getting to bed. Today wasn’t bad, a nice relaxing escape for my brain.

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