JustTheTip EP.14 ~ VVVVV

///JustTheTip EP.14 ~ VVVVV

JustTheTip EP.14 ~ VVVVV

VVVVV has to be one of the most inconveniently named video games that I’ve played in a while. I’ve had to copy and paste the name to put it just about anywhere. I get it, kinda, it’s 5 V’s and V is the Roman Numeral for 5. Then I got wondering after I thought this was actually more about what the game featured most. Endless rows of hungry fangs.


This game is ruthless. Nearly every inch of the map seems to be covered in spikes or other baddies waiting to destroy you in a single touch. However the game also features a checkpoint system that makes repeated deaths not feel that bad. It’s the same strategy used in Super Meat Boy and it works here just as well. You play a little guy that I don’t think is named. If he is I certainly don’t remember it. The whole game is very simple aesthetically but I don’t see that as a negative. VVVVV features graphical quality and style that is very similar to games on the Atari. Repeating patterns or solid palettes for all the rooms and baddies.

The music is real catchy. I enjoyed the the music from the minute I started up all the way through an hour later. I’ve got zero complaints about that as well. The controls are just as simple and thoughtful as the music and the visuals. You have your directional keys and a simple single jump button. There are also buttons for maps and I believe one of the buttons was for opening the computers but otherwise its all one button.

The challenge is not to overcome the controls but rather to overcome the twitch, pixel perfect, platform challenges.


The game occasionally mixes things up on you requiring that you lead another character to safety while simultaneously not dying. It is remarkably frustrating but I didn’t hate it. It’s a mystery how this game ended up in my library. I’m guessing it was another one of those humble bundle deals. Honestly if you can find a copy for under ten dollars I think you’ll get more than your money’s worth. 5 to 7 is a good butter zone.

I put an hour in and it was beginning to look like I nearly finished it. However the challenges are numerous. I wouldn’t recommend anyone try to complete all the achievements. Unless you really hate yourself.

And why do that? I’m sure you are lovely.

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