JustTheTip EP.15 ~ Don’t Starve Together

Well shit! This is a good game! A dear friend of mine dropped this off in my steam gifts section. What a pleasant surprise that was! Don’t Starve Together is the, kinda, sequel to Don’t Starve. The new version has multiplayer and more character than I remember prior. I ended up picking the indigestible, a spider humanoid that is beyond cute. I just want to snuggle the little bastard.

Webber for Prez!

Webber for Prez!

Pick my character and I’m off to the races. Don’t Starve basically tells you “Here is your character, here is a map, you’ve got until nightfall to figure this shit out.” Out in the darkness are monsters that want to rip the flesh from your bones. So you’ve got less than a day to find the supplies to make a fire. Further you’ve got to keep your stomach full, your brain sharp, and your life vigorous. Any misstep and it’s the end of you!

Every day gets a little tougher than the one before it. Paradoxically your character gets a little better with each passing day. Once you’ve unlocked the science machine the world becomes your oyster. You can start building all sorts of tools, clothing, and buildings to interact with. But for each new discovery you’ve got to gather the supplies. Every trip out into the wilderness is another chance for death.

I found supplies had a way of getting mighty scarce and I was only playing alone. I started talking about it with a friend at work and he mentioned getting to an entirely new world. Sweet shit! There is more to this game than just the map I start on?

Best keep running then!

Best keep running then!

These reviews are impressions from my first hour and Don’t Starve Together wins on all accounts. The graphics are absolutely stunning. The aesthetic is thicker than a secret family gravy. Everything looks drawn and the animations are smooth as silk. The music and sounds are all top notch. They give the perfect emotions and mix silliness with seriousness. I only got to play this game alone so far. I’m excited to play it with someone else.



The difference between a good game and a bad game is actually pretty easily to quantify. If you are playing a game and you don’t mind dying. If each death is met with a smile and you push harder the next time through. If seeing the same things doesn’t make you groan but instead fills you with the warm fuzzies. Those are the signs of a solid game. When I die in Dwarf Fortress, Don’t Starve Together, Super Meat Boy, or the more recent VVVVV, I keep playing. Shit, I get excited to try again.

That’s what these games provide. Solid gameplay, minimal (or no) tutorial. They set a bar up in the stratosphere and then challenge you to reach it. Then when you do they smack you back down to Earth with it.

Awesome game. I loved every single minute.

Also I killed myself.

Them’s the breaks I guess.

Final Thoughts

Fuck if this wasn't one of the best surprises in a while. I had a great time and I recommend it to anyone.

Overall Score 4.5