Kids–Particularly Furry Ones

//Kids–Particularly Furry Ones

Kids–Particularly Furry Ones

  I had plans to write more today but I got attacked by the Children. Namely our Calico Cat, Artemis. She decided that all night long was the perfect time for me to play with her. When I decided I’d prefer to sleep she promptly pimp slapped me.

  Alternatively walking on me, or trying to eat me feet, or exhaling stinky kitty breath in my face at least once. She managed to escape punishment by being painfully adorable.

  So my brain is basically slush, my entire work day was just one long drag of exhaustion and now I think I will pack up my brain today. This weekend anytime I see her sleeping I’m going to poke her, or play with her, or meow in her ear.

  Vengeance will be mine!

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