Kitten Countdown

//Kitten Countdown

Kitten Countdown

I believe tomorrow is our last full day here with us leaving for the airport either later in the day Saturday or Sunday. I’m equally thankful to know that Monday is a full work day off as well so I will have time to readjust to the quiet life that I’ve gotten fairly used to.

Next week is a maintenance week which means that Tuesday will be my first workday back and a two day shift all at the same time, that’s what we call unfortunate. On the flip side I’ve also got my budget for the new month and things on my mind to buy, as a consumer that’s a pleasant feeling.

The most exciting part of the next 48 hours or so is getting to see our kittens again. We’ve been hanging out with them daily for months now and it starts to become a routine, once you break the routine you realize how much you depended on it. I like their little meows, running around derpily on the bed in the mornings, or standing impatiently on their toys. And yes, Derpily is now a word.

I suspect if I can keep my interests down I’ll be able to 0 out my non-student-loan debt in the next two paychecks which will be nice. Though that won’t last long with the tickets for next years getaway hitting the books. Such is life.

Nothing much else to say for now, I was hoping for some more time to reflect and write but this was mostly an action oriented vacation. Ah well. Hopefully by not putting a picture the “auto-image” that facebook takes is that Zombie Romney ad I just saw before posting this.

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