Last Audio Update – Back to interesting things.

//Last Audio Update – Back to interesting things.

Last Audio Update – Back to interesting things.

At this point I’m down to my last post about attempts to fix my audio. If this next fix doesn’t work I’m just going to suck it up and work around it. Ultimately I’ve tried different PSU, different motherboards, different headphones, different microphones (even got a replacement sent), different CPU, and even entirely different computers. It looks like the problem stems from high end graphics cards (as I can hear it on Liz’s PC too but not on my smaller TV computer).

I’ve read that the solution for this is a powered USB hub. Since I’ve tried everything else this is the last straw. It’s not all that interesting to read about and it isn’t necessarily all that interesting to write about. If it ends up working I’ll write a guide about it so that future folks dealing with these problems don’t need to search. For those that do read these updates, thanks, its kinda nice to ramble on and at least get a couple eyes on it.

Dunno why. I write these things regardless.

So after today I’m going to go back to writing interesting things. Or at least arguably interesting things. Something, at the least.

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