Last Day of 2012

//Last Day of 2012

Last Day of 2012

  We’ve officially made it to the end of 2012 and I can’t quite believe it happened so fast. This is incentive as ever that I need to be productive in the next year. If I don’t I could very well see my entire life flash before my eyes and that would be entirely upsetting.

  This should be an interesting year for work. We have new leadership (again) and he seems pretty diehard on control and performance. What that will bode for the company is as of yet unknown but I am very interested to be a part of it. I’ve likened my work experience to that of living in a perpetual reality television show, each episode is more outlandish than the one that precedes it and the entire time you are just laughing your ass off because there is no way that people genuinely act like this.

  But some people do, its still hard for me to believe even after my first hand experiences but there are people who act this way. What way am I speaking of in the most direct sense is deluded, this weird state of being where the real world and ones own belief of what is the real world clash directly and consistently. The reality slaps them in the face, or should, every single day and yet no change to lifestyle or beliefs is ever made.

  This kind of mentality is beyond me and I find it utterly fascinating. My own brain is a piece of work as I imagine are most brains, but this idea of being wrong 100% of the time for years and still thinking you are an expert is marvelously fascinating. You could literally toss a coin and be right more times than some of the people who have ‘lead’ me at my jobs.

  I don’t say this with malice, though I guess I have an hour and a half still to go before I’m supposed to be smooth. No I say it truly with wonder, utter and unequivocal fascination. These people exist and I get to watch them get paid incredible sums of cash to do so. It is of no wonder to me that we have issues with politics, capitalism, or global policies. I’m sure this reality is not unique to this business and just how such people end up with such remarkable power and luxury is beyond me.

  At least for now, perhaps I could go utterly insane and start rolling in dough. This is always a possibility and something I should seriously consider.

  I’m going to clear off my desk and start drawing a little tidbit for each update that doesn’t already have an image. I’m not an artist but I’d love to fake it with you folks. Perhaps something would come of it and great things could be had.

  Probably not.

  But perhaps.

Good Luck in 2013

Looks a little like Pom-Pon knives.

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