Living in the Past

//Living in the Past

Living in the Past

  I believe I’ve addressed it before but it is interesting that we are all living in the past. Every moment of our day is spent looking at events that already happened. The further from us the thing we are observing the further in the past we are observing it. When we look at our hand we are seeing it as it once was, for all we know that instant between us seeing it and the next moment the universe could be unraveling and we no longer exist from the chest down.

  The next moment you see nothing but darkness beneath you and the next moment you are nothing. The same can be said about Space, we see all these stars, planets, galaxies and realize that these are not how they are but how they were millions of years ago. Our universe could and likely is vastly different than what we see. We could find ourselves someday traveling to planets that no longer exist, stars that long since died, or even be surprised by other interstellar species that sprang up in between the light we see and the now.

  We live in the past, ever so slightly so, but it is enough to be remarkable. If you stepped on a powerful land mine it would annihilate your body before you even had time to feel it. An atomic bomb would vaporize a person before they even heard it explode. The person would be standing there existing and suddenly they would not. There would be no moment of fear, assuming ignorance of the bomb, no pain, no panic. A single frame in time the person lives and the next they are gone.

  It all feels so instant, but I think many people have had that moment where they bank their foot and think “Oh no, this is going to hurt.” Then that pain rushes through your brain and you confirm what you a moment ago were fearing.

  It would seem like a very good idea for us to inhabit multiple planets or multiple locations in space. In doing so the human species will effectively become immortal to all known stellar events. Until then we face the very real threat of being a blip of light. Other species who survive beyond our mistakes will come to Earth expecting to meet humanity, but find nothing but the remains of what once sent them so many unusual transmissions.

  Just some random thoughts. Tough week, good day, and now it shall be a good night.

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