Loading Da Vita Memory Card

//Loading Da Vita Memory Card

Loading Da Vita Memory Card

It’s been a very long time since I’ve loaded up my Vita. And soon with the release of Grand Kingdom (soon being this year) I’ll probably be putting a lot of time on it. I forgot just how gorgeous the screen on this thing is. The colors pop out of the screen and really compete with my phone’s screen. I’m not sure (offhand) what the resolution this thing is, but it causes me the same level of surprise as the PSP did many years ago. It’s strange really how well Sony does at making handheld consoles. Further strange how quickly they divorce themselves from them.

I do wonder if Sony will make any more handhelds after this. I feel like they probably won’t. If they do, people will likely presume they’ll not support it enough or just outright drop it. The customer hesitance will then be used as fuel to point out that they were right that “nobody is interested in handhelds” or something similar. Even though the a variety of small changes to the Vita could have made it an exceptionally successful device.

Memory cards that aren’t more expensive than literally any other memory option might have been a good first step. There are a fair number of fantastic games for it. I might make a list sometime for folks who are interested. But unfortunately the console has pretty much been dropped outside of Japan by Sony. It’s a shame, business is a peculiar creature that confounds me often.

PS. Loaded it up because now Liz has one. Maybe down the road we’ll find some fun 2 player games to rock out on. Who knows. I know I’m likely to play Dragon’s Crown on it sometime soon, seeing as I’ve got it on there just kind of waiting…beckoning me.

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