LPD: Why it’s Impossible to advance a cause online.

Today is a Lazy Post Day kind of day. I got my magic cards in and have an EDH deck I’m fairly excited to try. It’ll probably suck but I’m ok with that. After a bit of playtesting I’ll see what else I can do to make it work better. With that all in mind I’ve not got much to say today. I can’t necessarily recommend Cracked all the time, their videos are much better than their web content, but I think the quality overall has tanked. Even so, this particular video is pretty good. It covers a fair number of reasons that I don’t like to argue with people online anymore.

I’m well aware that I’m not really an expert on basically anything. But seemingly nobody you debate with online has that same character trait. Often conversations online seem to be a debate of facts against a wall of ignorance. Not just simple innocent misunderstandings but downright violently wrong. A wrongness that usually finds itself punctuated with uncontrollable drooling. Much of it has become a parody online. “X can’t melt steel beams” jokes tend to find their way onto most of the websites that I frequent.

Anyways it is a good video. I think it covers a lot of very good reasons that people should just avoid online arguments. Your life is precious and incredibly short. There is little reason to waste it yelling at, or being yelled at by, other people.