Magic: The Gathering Tales ~ A Platinum Venture

//Magic: The Gathering Tales ~ A Platinum Venture

Magic: The Gathering Tales ~ A Platinum Venture

Today I played EDH with a couple of cool cats at my work. The match started off innocuous enough, I was using the prebuilt Political Puppetry Deck and my hand was full of shit. Bunch of lands and a single enchantment.


I think to myself “Let’s see where this goes?” So some drawing happens, obviously, getting a few creatures and spells, and once I hit four mana I drop it. Each turn it starts ticking up. I play out my commander because she’s fairly harmless looking. A 2/4 that likes to spend most of her time manipulating people rather than causing harm. Today though, was not one of those friendly days for her.


It would be another round or two before the Crescendo is at 13 ticks. By now I’ve enchanted her with +2/+2 and vigilance, as well as +2/+2 and flying. She is also wearing a pair of lightning greaves, you know, just to be safe.


One of my two opponents is in a position where a few more turns could mean the game will never be in my favor. I’ve got a flying, vigilant, 19/8 and I need to use it! I swing at him for 19 commander damage. The next turn around its his turn and he swings at me with his commander…who has rancor. Oh dear, I might have miscalculated.

He hits me for 22 damage, but I’ve got a 4/4…or should I say a 19/4 (ish) with lifelink. I lose 3 life and take 17 commander damage…am I doomed? If he casts two spells on her I’ll die because of an artifact on her. But he doesn’t, he’s tapped out. That can mean only one thing. DOOM! I hit him for fatal commander damage and set my sights on the other opponent. I’ve glossed over a few things, suffice it to say that by this point I’ve lost the crescendo and I’ve got no more momento. Naturally my second opponent takes this opportunity to wipe the board.

We are both playing slow decks. So what transpires next is a million turns of “your turn”. A million years later and he’s at 0 life with a Platinum Angel on the board. It’s indestructible because of Darksteel Forge. I’m not sure there is anything in this deck that can stop that? Then I draw it, the same thing that killed him the last time he had Platinum Angel out.


I take control of his Platinum Angel and he instantly loses (state based). It was a moment of glory and a deeply satisfying end to the Political Puppetry Deck. Now I move onto the one I’ve built…soon…so very soon.

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