Metal Gear Solid V: Day 3 ~ Tips and Tricks to be the Raddest Snake

//Metal Gear Solid V: Day 3 ~ Tips and Tricks to be the Raddest Snake

Metal Gear Solid V: Day 3 ~ Tips and Tricks to be the Raddest Snake

#1: You can wake up enemies you’ve knocked out!

This might seem like a bad thing but it isn’t! Normally when you knock out an enemy with the dart gun that means you can’t interrogate them. However if you walk up to an enemy that is asleep you can kick the shit out of them, or simply step on their groin, to wake them up. Kneel behind them and once they get up enough you can put them in a choke hold before they know what hit them. Interrogate away!

#2: You get hero points for both interrogation options! Even when the enemy tells you nothing.

For a while I was just asking for tips about the location of secret items and whatnot. But you can actually do both options for a total of 10 hero points per bad guy. You can even do the second option while they are still talking and get them both done in an instant. Once you’ve done this that leads us into our next tip.

#2: FULTON ALL THE THINGS, even in missions!

Many people are looking to get the highest score possible in missions, I’d suspect. One good way to do this is by killing nobody. However enemies have a bad habit of waking up at the worst times when you are working a mission. However if you Fulton everyone they’ll not be available to be found or wake up! This doesn’t appear to have any negative impact on the end game score and it’s funny to boot. Just be sure that nobody is around to see the “strange balloon” and report on it.

Additionally with the auto-sorting R3 option at your base there is little negative to this. It’s 300 money per unit but you’ll be making hundreds of thousands per mission most times. Plus you are getting these poor guys off the battlefield. They’ll thank you for it (literally).

#3: When enemies are grouped up use one as a decoy!

If you put someone to sleep everyone else will turn to look at them. Depending on the configuration you can use that sleeping person to give you a solid few seconds to run up and choke someone out. Alternatively if they are all really close you can run up and start an R2 CQC combo that takes out all of them. This is great for when the other alternative is a long drawn out diversion game.

#4: Choke out your buddies on Mother Base!

Your friends on Mother Base like to hide diamonds everywhere. I don’t know why, apparently you pay them very well. Choke out everyone you meet until they start giving you game tips. What you’ll be left with is a bunch of locations of diamonds to help build up your money. This is great if you’ve been binging on upgrades recently.

#5: Don’t fuck with bears! At least early game.

Seriously, I shot one in the face 8-10 times with my sniper rifle and it shrugged it all off. I’m sure you can capture them later but early game they will wreck you. They even have their own unique “sensor” HUD when you are near them. The game wants you to know that bears will wreck your shit.

#6: Do research and other multitasking while waiting for your helicopter.

You can actually do mother base work while waiting for your helicopter. This is a great combination and I use it frequently. Additionally it is likely worthwhile to listen to your tape messages while going to your next mission. It keeps everything very immersive.

#7: Always destroy the large Radar Arrays.

Destroying these will allow you to land a helicopter basically right where they are (most times). This’ll save you lots of time and it will give you an opportunity to use the minigun on your helicopter as it flies away (you can do this by looking towards it, should bring up a prompt to press triangle). Most things you destroy stay destroyed in my experience, so the minigun is great for breaking things that are annoying you.

#8: You don’t need to kill the little satellites, just find the communications system.

There is a battery of little radio boxes that are glowing blue somewhere in most (all?) of the bases. Find them and either blow them up or shoot them (with a silenced rifle if you’re feeling real slick) and you’ll cute all communications in the base to other bases. This is great because if you get caught at any point you won’t need to deal with reinforcements.

#9: Don’t forget to try something new. Like putting C4 on an unconscious guy or creating a blockade in the road to hijack transport trucks.

This one is more of a suggestion to keep things fresh. I find myself very amused by knocking someone out in the middle of the road. The transport trucks will come by and stop to check them out. When the driver (and passenger) are within sniffing distance of the sleeping guy…KABOOM! Very amusing. Additionally you can take the smaller humvees and do this as well. It’s a good deal of fun.

#10: Turn away from your horse when you whistle, it’ll teleport to you.

This saves a lot of time and can prevent your horse from running through baddies potentially. Good stuff. Although sometimes it is fun to watch it run.

That’s all for now. Some of these are less helpful than others but I like them. As a small extra, you can set waypoints while using your binoculars with L2. I know this is on your HUD but I didn’t realize I could do it for ages. Something to consider. Also in submissions feel free to be the grim reaper, there are no end mission screens penalizing you for doing so. Additionally for missions that involve recovering a talented person you really can just run in, grab them, and launch them into the sky while everyone stares shocked.

Sure they might try to kill you then but you can generally get away without issue. Alternatively this is a great time to call in an airstrike and have a great time.

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