Metal Gear Solid V: Day 4 ~ S Rank? S Rank?! S Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank!

Today I played a fair amount of Diablo 3 but after that (and even before that) I was playing more Metal Gear! I had some amazing S Rank performances today. Saddened that I keep forgetting to screencap them. I’ll need to see if the game stores your best run anywhere besides the mission select screen. At first I thought that getting S Rank would be out of the question and now I’m finding that I am accomplishing it more and more. The perfect steal + no kills bonus gives you a ton of points. Absolutely obscene. A strong mix of tranquilizing and supply drops can net a very fast finish of a level.

Others require you be a little clever. The only screencap I got of my missions today was of Episode 11. I suppose I should say this screenshot contains some minor spoilers. I actually wandered in on this missions without realizing it. What a surprise that was.


I don’t know where this game will take me next. I was tasked with defeating some very heavily armed goons in a side mission. I noticed that the money I’d get for completing the mission was a far cry from the cost of sending in my airship. I did so and I highly suggest you do too. Not because the mission is too hard, but because Pequad (or whatever he’s calling himself) unloading that minigun on them is hilarious. The bullets ting off of the armor and the dudes bounce about for a bit before actually taking damage.

You’ll walk away with a quick win, a bunch of money, and a bit of amusing imagery and sound to boot.

I would have called in an airstrike but I noticed there was a radio playing there. I need to collect all the things! It’s a sickness.

Still a great game.