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  1. Matt

    hey i am in markosians class too. i really really appreciate you posting this because i am pretty sure i would have done worse if i had only studied the class notes. Thank you so much.
    P.S. i complelty agree with you. i liked the topics we talked about in class but i hated how we did it. I am glad there was someone else that felt the same way.

    • Well I hope you do well in class :). Just don’t forget that I had a small goof (well big if you didn’t catch it) on what Kid Patriots deal was, I clarified on the last post.

      He wasn’t mind controlled completely he was given the desire to do it. Vera was given the volition, which frankly unless I wrote the word volition I think I’d mistakenly put desire :). Ernest was an unlucky sap who essentially blasted a president while trying to clean his outfit! haha…poor guy.

  2. Colin

    I just thought it was silly, but I’m in Markosian’s Phil 114 class, and have the test tomorrow. This has helped, because I haven’t been in a while largely due to the recent religious ranting from some members of the class.

    Also, thought you should know, the same thing happened to me–I thought I’d done well on the last test, and then I got it back and all he’d written was that it needed to be clearer all over it.

    • While I didn’t exactly help the ranting (by challenging points) I do appreciate that I helped someone with this stuff.

      Last test the day before and the day of the hit count on my website jumped something like 10-20 points which means that a good portion of the class likely visited here which made me feel bad (for the following reason).

      The only way you can get a good grade is just to vomit back to him what he tells you. Which doesn’t work for me because I hate to do that, it doesn’t show that I’ve learned anything. It just shows that I can pull key phrases out of my butt. I found it funny that the same posts that got me tons of compliments online from random strangers were almost exactly what I wrote in the exam which he responded with “Makes no sense” across nearly the entire thing.

      Found it a little odd that the average joe (or jolin) can understand where I am at least coming from but a professor can’t. ANYWAYS I appreciated the class for what it covered and not necessarily for how it covered it I suppose and that’s better than nothing :).

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