MGSV: Speechless

//MGSV: Speechless

MGSV: Speechless

I’ve finished the more linear portion of Metal Gear Solid V’s story. Everything comes together so well to me. The main characters that you meet, and work together with, all have a purpose and a connection to everything. When I go to review this game (this coming week) I’ll have a spoiler section to talk about the game in more detail. I am feeling like folks that have a problem with this game, or anything in it, have likely not played it or not played enough of it. That might be an unfair of a statement to make but it is a bit of a hunch.

My first S+ soldier! :D

My first S+ soldier! 😀

I cut out the one spoiler name in the missions below. But feel free to not look if you are worried. For any of these, once you’ve completed them, I’d love to hear how you did by comparison. Soon I’ll make (and update) a post with all my mission rank images.






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