Monday Nights on Tuesday Night (Part 2 of 2)

//Monday Nights on Tuesday Night (Part 2 of 2)

Monday Nights on Tuesday Night (Part 2 of 2)

I watched the last half of Monday Night Raw this morning. It ended just before I needed to go to work which was great! The first fight was a match between a couple of the ladies. Their names escape me at the moment (I don’t know most of the names of the newer people yet). But man, the finisher in this match was brutal and awesome.

Just straight wrecked her spine. The next match was between a selfie stick using rando and what I can only describe as a Luchadore Ninja Master. His entry was great, I’m not entirely sure if he was using a spring board of if this guy just has the most off the wall vertical leap of all time. Luckily for you I snipped that as well.

His match was excellent. Lots of fancy flying and a great use of acrobatics. The match was over much quicker than I was expecting but that’s fine. The guy he was against is the opposite of timeless. Which is fine, they have those characters every generation. The kinda guy that is only relevant for like 3 years and then they need to rebrand them. Following this, if I’m not mistaken, is Dean Ambrose (quickly becoming my favorite new character) and Bray Wyatt. The former is kind of like your everyman. Not super buff, trying his hardest, you can see him in the featured image above. The latter is a great character based around a cult that has strong Louisiana vibes. I like him too. The fight was pretty great. Lots of good shots and moves.

I also liked that Wyatt acts like a total lunatic during the fight. It’s great because this show seems at odds with itself. Disinterested announcers and (from what I’ve heard today) a strange desire to be “taken seriously”. Why on Earth they’d want that is beyond me. The match ends as you’d expect most main events to end. The rest of the cult show up and beat up Ambrose and then Triple H shows up. At first I was kinda like “Meh, I don’t really want to see Ambrose get beat up more.” What happened next was a thing of beauty.

Ambrose stands up just before Triple H can start beating the shit out of him and lands the most beautiful DDT I’ve ever seen. I know I said that yesterday, or I was thinking it yesterday. But holy shit. Triple H deserves top commendations because he sells this so hard. He holds that pose for easily 2-3 minutes as the camera focuses on Ambrose stumbling about. Look at it! That is not a comfortable position. If we found out he legitimately got knocked out I wouldn’t be shocked.

This is it. A good sell makes a knight and this was the most pleasant surprise. It reminds me of those surprise Rock Bottoms or Stunners of my youth. Where the person just eats shit and for a moment you are taken away from the world and dropping into a fantasy land where this kind of stuff is just how people resolve their issues. Sure, it might sound like a horror show, but given the things they “recover” from in a couple of days, it’s pretty nice. Like living in a video game with infinite quarters.

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