Moving downstairs. A tiring journey.

//Moving downstairs. A tiring journey.

Moving downstairs. A tiring journey.

Today we moved our stuff downstairs. Its too hot upstairs, blazing hot. Southern California heat is a dreadful thing. The sun dislikes all forms of life in this area. On the drive this morning we saw hills completely covered in ash. I realize that this was caused by a wildfire recently but it felt very appropriate. Life here is so strange to me. The drivers seem to be on the whole fairly aggressive. It might not be that literally the majority of people here drive like monsters but enough people do, the threshold for where it goes from surprising to disappointing has been passed by a wide margin.

Case in point at Target today. I was about to pull into a parking spot when someone drove over a divider to take it. Who does that? Seeing that in Washington would have been so astounding that it would end up in the news. Legends would be written of that day. Bards gathering in the rain soaked corners of Seattle comparing notes of the event. “Can you believe it?” one would say “Indeed, crazy shit.” another would respond. “Did the man throw a fit? Seizures sure be blamed?” A third would inquire. “Neigh.” Would say, a fourth. “He knew with such a wild act he’d surely rise to fame!”

Here though? It’s just another in a long line of events that happen every day. Thursday we drove through traffic caused by a car hitting a motorcyclist. The fragility of life is drilled into our heads with every week in this city.

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