Moving on the Horizon

//Moving on the Horizon

Moving on the Horizon

In about a month we’ll be moving. As I glance at the ramifications of this news I do feel a sense of unease. A month is a very long time and yet I don’t feel like it is quite long enough. During this time I’m going to foolishly try balancing multiple projects at once. Luckily I understand inside that their not going to explode forever if I don’t keep up with them religiously.

Indeed, I am having trouble posting here daily this month. But not for lack of posting. One of my new projects is another website. I’ll be “officially” launching it soon, but for now it is a “soft launch”. I say that meaning that the website exists and can be found, I just haven’t told anyone about it yet.

I’ve also started up a regimen from the dermatologist that might help clear up my face. Well, technically, only half of their regimen as the other half is being held up in insurance hell for now. I suspect I’ll get some amount of confusing news soon as to whether it is covered or not and how much it is covered. Our insurance is anything but convenient.

Seeing as its not quite so late that my brain has fully shut off, I’ll also be writing another post tonight too get all caught up again. So uh, lemme get to that.

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