Moving prices and people

//Moving prices and people

Moving prices and people

We’ll be moving soon. That much I know to be a fact. The townhomes that we live in have been raising the cost of renting there year over year with no internal or external explanation. By that I mean, the area hasn’t improved and the complex doesn’t have new features. Sure, you could argue we have a party city now. A business so trite to me that I don’t even capitalize its name.

But otherwise it is confounding. I don’t think you could get pay raises enough at any normal job to keep up with this. The general process is often called Gentrification. Areas improve either by local means or private ones. People move in because of these improvements. The cost of living in the area increases beyond the means of those that already lived there and those people move out. I’ve read about it a few times before (which is to say I’m no expert and might be incorrectly defining it).

Canyon Country though doesn’t have any major improvements. There was just an enormous fire that threatened to consume thousands of homes. I watched ash rain from the sky and smoke blot out the sun. It was so stressful that I haven’t, and perhaps can’t, write the second part of the story without more distance. And that’s the happier part.

The most obvious reason for the increase is that the owners want more money. I suppose that’s fair, but I do wish more places concerned themselves with the lives of their residents or customers. Humanity free business is not a healthy practice for anyone involved.

A second reason, perhaps, also tickles at the back of my mind. These complexes have been looking for a buyer for a long time. I suspect that it is easier (and more profitable) to slowly price your tenants out of the complex and then sell them as condos. The alternative being that you give your tenants notice and wait it out. But waiting on profits is not something businesspeople seem to like to do.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter. We’ll be moving. The knot in my gut and general unpleasant tingle in my person suggests that I’m not going to handle it well until the point B to or point A is solidified.

Future Me Update: I have not handled it well.

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