MTG Deck: Golgari Mulch Munch

//MTG Deck: Golgari Mulch Munch

MTG Deck: Golgari Mulch Munch

The purpose of these posts will be to allow me to break down some decks and story the cards. I’ve been moving into EDH and I might be able to save some money by using cards I already own, taking apart decks that I’m just not using. This is probably one of my worst decks. I suppose I’ll mention a few things about it, but it could certainly use work. Your rotting rats are going to hurt you a whole lot less than they will your enemy. Causing both of you to discard cards both when they drop (hopefully on turn 2) and again when you likely recast them on turn 3.

Lotleth Troll will also be a source of discard fuel. The more black creatures you pump into your graveyard the more more powerful your Crypt of Agadeem (which works well with Profane Command and Life’s Finale). Casting things like Lord of Extinction or using Jarad’s ability. Life from the Loam will likely crop up around the time Jarad starts consuming your basic lands. If your enemy has too large a wall and you’ve yet to draw a Life’s Finale you can potentially get through by exploding a Lord of Extinction for large amounts of damage.

Consuming Vapors should also be basically cast on draw if you get it, keeping their side of the field clear. If they have tokens you’ll want to cycle into a Life’s Finale if possible. Then use Consuming Vapors on the following turn to keep their board (likely) clean for two turns while also generating you life.

That’s about it. There are other connections I’m likely forgetting, like Oversold Cemetery being a great combination piece with most everything in the deck. Also Necroplasm will clear all tokens from the board on the same turn you cast him. It is incredibly useful in that regard (slipped my mind).

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