My Cat–The Evil Genius

//My Cat–The Evil Genius

My Cat–The Evil Genius

  I just came to the startling realization that of our two kittens, the quiet one, is quite possibly evil. She has a very consistent desire to chew up anything rare in your house. Got a stack of penny business cards? Meh, this is not acceptable for my pallet. But this, this rare gold leaf from the depths of King Tut’s Tomb? Oh I will chew this, I will chew this with the delight of a thousand children dancing in a ball pit.

  Our cats like straws, in fact I’d say they love straws. But Venus doesn’t just like any straw, she likes your straw. Anytime I have a drink she can be surrounded by 30 straws and look up at me, silently planning her assault.

  She’s exceptionally good at getting straws out of cups, both from open top cups and the coffee cups with the tiny slit in the top which I jam a straw through. (I’m told you shouldn’t do this, hot liquids + plastic equal chemical leakage).

  The thing that lead me to write this was what I just realized tonight. A few times in the last few months she’s knocked over cups of water in the middle of the night. I thought it was because of how fluffy she is and that she was just bumping them. Today I saw the truth with my own eyes!

  She looked up at my cup and said “This moisture shall be mine!” Put her paws right up on the rim and tried to pull it over.

  So all this time when she’d knock over cups, it wasn’t an accident, it was pure evil genius.

  She’s the cutest super villain I’ve ever known. I look forward to seeing what other devious things she’ll unveil upon us in the future. I suspect she might be one of the smartest pets I’ve ever lived with. Then again Artemis knows how to open medicine bottles…

  Tomorrow we’ll get back to other stuff. Sometime soon I’ll post pictures of these cute little fuzzy children. From back when they were little living blips on the floor to the nearly full grown kids they are today. The internet can always use more cat pictures.

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