My final Club Nintendo gift.

//My final Club Nintendo gift.

My final Club Nintendo gift.

Today I got the Smash Brothers CD set. It comes in a lovely jewel case. I forgot how nice CD cases looked. The booklet features many of the smash brothers characters in silhouette over their most famous color. Well, most of them, Donkey Kong is prominently standing in front of a yellow square. However, for the most part, you’ve got them with colors that make sense. Inside that booklet is a thank you message from Masahiro Sakurai and the song list for both disks.

One disk, colored blue, handles the music from one game (largely), and the other, colored red, handles music for the other (largely). I’d double check which is which but frankly I’m suffering from extreme mental fatigue right now. Just writing this is a bit of a chore. But regardless, I’m pretty happy I got this CD. Its nice looking and reminds me of one of my favorite games. I might not play a lot of Smash Bros but its not because I don’t like it. I love it, Sakurai and his team really show what passion can produce.

So that’s that. Soon Club Nintendo will close, I’m skeptical that their next system will be better. But as long as Nintendo’s games (that I buy) keep being great I won’t be too grumpy I suppose.

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