My first YouTube Video of 2015!

//My first YouTube Video of 2015!

My first YouTube Video of 2015!

Today I uploaded my first unboxing video. It comes with a special additional bit of content at the end. At 3.14 minutes long (mmm pi) its not going to eat up too much of your day. Basically I go over the 6 plushies from TeeTurtle and how much I like them. Spoilers: A lot.

The audio is a bit bottomed out but this is because my PSU is absolutely dying. Its adding HUGE amounts of AC noise to my recordings. I’m hoping to replace it soon to fix that. I was also able to remove the hum that you normally hear in open room recordings. Ultimately what we have is a video where I sound a little weird but at least there isn’t something super noticeable ringing in your ears. Hopefully over time we’ll see improvements.

Normally I’d be using the green screen for fun but in this instance I can’t because the turtle plushies are also green. That just…that would be bad and silly. I can only have my amatuer videos be, say, 70% laughable. Let’s not go for the full 100.

Got 5 more videos planned for this week though, they are already recorded I just need to fix them up. Then I’ve got 5 more to make, hopefully those will go better.

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