My quest for perfect audio continues.

//My quest for perfect audio continues.

My quest for perfect audio continues.

It’s astounding how many different things can lead to problems when streaming or recording. Currently my big problem is electrical noise. I first thought it might be my microphone so I checked another one and got the same issue on that one. Next I thought perhaps it was one of my USB devices (because you can only hear it when the mouse isn’t moving). So I unplugged everything. It was still there.

So next I thought maybe it was my ram or a ram slot. I removed all my ram and mixed and matched. Each time, the same results. So then I thought maybe it was my GPU. I removed it, same results.

Different power levels didn’t help, balance, performance, etc. All lead to the same outcome. Underclocking things didn’t help either. I’m mentioning it nearly last but the first thing I checked was replacing my PSU (which was starting to fail anyways). This didn’t help but my computer runs better now at least. Finally the last thing I’ve tried was installing an auxiliary power unit. It is super neat but ultimately it too fails to accomplish the removal of this bastardly sound.

It’s not my hard drive, ram, GPU, PSU, or USB devices. This leaves the CPU or the motherboard. My first attempt will be on the motherboard. A new one comes in this week. I’m hoping this will be the fix. If its the CPU that’s going to annoy me greatly. Though at this point I’d rather just have an answer. By April 2nd I should know if it is my CPU or not. This is good because I won’t be trusting anything on April 1st.

I’ve got some Diablo videos encoding right now, they’ll be up for viewing tomorrow. Liz and I are trying to get to level 70 this weekend before the Season ends. I think we’ll make it easily tomorrow morning. It actually takes quite a while to encode these things. I suppose I should have known what I was getting into with HD video streaming. It’s a lot of fun though and doing my part to bog down youtube is alway nice. The videos will be unlisted but I’ll provide a public playlist of all of them. So that’ll be handy I think.

Not much else to say for today. We went out on the town a bit. It didn’t really pep me up but it was nice to get a nice little sonic figurine (Amiibo).

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