Mythic Day Wednesday

//Mythic Day Wednesday

Mythic Day Wednesday

Tonight we fought Archimonde on normal and then moved onto a Mythic Dungeon race between some of our guild mates. It was actually pretty amusing. We started and were making quick time before we realized (halfway through the dungeon) that we were on Heroic. The next dungeon and a half or so we raced to catch up. Closing pace between the other team and ourselves.

Surprisingly we ended up winning. They apparently tried to get dangerously cheesy and, much like actual Cheetos, it came to bite them in the ass.

Made 1K gold from it, that’s cool. Just means I have less to deal with when I go to pay for my next 30 days with gold. Hopefully Monday will be our big day. Down Archimonde and take a much deserved break.

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