NaNoWriMo [Day 17] – 25,032 Words down, 24,968 to go.

//NaNoWriMo [Day 17] – 25,032 Words down, 24,968 to go.

NaNoWriMo [Day 17] – 25,032 Words down, 24,968 to go.

This will be the most difficult year yet for this challenge I think. Each day that I can’t write I find adds more weight to the day that follows. Writing today was especially hard as I see just how many words behind I was. However, I managed. I’ve got a general idea of where I’m going and it’s just a matter of filling in the middle. Adding things with the knowledge that nothing is set in stone. Every moment is as ethereal as the next.

Once I am done I am given something of a framework to build the “true” story. There are infinitely many paths that any tale can take. I like to think of each one I write as one of those many. That each rewrite is really just a different path. A slight deviation that is no less valid than the next. Each time I update my stories I take this in mind. Events that no longer happen still have some kind of strange influence on the direction of the story.

It’s as if the multiverse radiates. Verbs and nouns flowing freely between each to the next. Their essence never relegated to a single existence.

Anywho, I’m pretty tired. I had to stop writing because the more tired I get the less things make sense. I’ll try my best to wake up early in the morning and write more in between the mandatory Artemis pets.

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