NaNoWriMo: Day -2

//NaNoWriMo: Day -2

NaNoWriMo: Day -2

I’m preparing myself for next month’s marathon writing project. I’ve already decided upon doing the sequel to my first “novel”. I put it in quotes because I feel like I could have done it better. Bob Ross says that you really shouldn’t dwell on that kind of stuff too much, just do, otherwise you risk fiddling things to death and never finishing them. I’m going to try my best in the coming month to not fiddle my projects too far.

The hardest part, which I’ll be trying to overcome in the next 24 hours. Is preparing the general arc of the story. I ultimately know where it will end in the largest sense of the word but I need to find good pacing for it. That has always been somewhere that my writing has suffered. I tend to have trouble pacing things out. They either move too quickly or too slowly. So with that I’m going to try just feeling it out.

Happy little trees and clouds, what have you. Let it all just be and go with the flow. That’ll likely get me the best results and be the most relaxing. If you aren’t having fun while you are doing your hobby then you might not have found the right hobby for you. I could be wrong, everyone has their own needs, but personally that’s my feelings on the matter. I’m gonna let my brain veg out for the rest of tonight to prepare it for a bit of a beating tomorrow.

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