NaNoWriMo [Day 8] – On Pace.

//NaNoWriMo [Day 8] – On Pace.

NaNoWriMo [Day 8] – On Pace.

One of the things that Bob Ross emphasizes in his painting is that in the time you spend dreading painting, you could have already finished your painting. I’ve found that this is pretty accurate with writing as well. Sometimes I sit around for an hour thinking “How will I write today?! I don’t know where to go!” and then I open it. Once I see that blinking dash on my screen it just starts happening. Events start rolling and before you know it you’ve written a few thousand words.

That isn’t to say that what you’ve got is quality. But writing is a lot like oil painting. Once you’ve done something you have the power to scrape it off and try again. You won’t know if you need to scrape it off until after you paint it. The onus is on the person to get out there and, as Shia would say, just do it. Or wait…that’s Nike. Well, Shia said it better. I’ve been doing an awful lot of painting these last 8 days, at least with words. And I can already see that I’ll be scraping off lots of paint in the future. But the beauty is that I can see the overall picture coming together and I better know where the mountain will really need to be by the end of it.

This is something I need to regain once November is over. Look at things as less of a success or failure situation and more of a gradient. Maybe RPGs were onto something. It’s all about earning experience, sometimes fast, and sometimes slow, until you level up.

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