Narcolepsy as an allergy?

//Narcolepsy as an allergy?

Narcolepsy as an allergy?

Vaccines most certainly do not cause autism. There is literally no evidence for this. But, in a roundabout way, a vaccine might have caused Narcolepsy. It’s not so much the vaccine but the proteins involved with the virus. You can find the CDC’s report on it here. This information is fascinating to me. We already know that viruses can drastically alter our psychology, there are viruses (and fungi) in the world that literally take over the minds of their hosts. Actually take that virus bit with a grain of salt, what I’m thinking of might actually be all bacteria.

Ticks can make you allergic to meat. These sort of reactions to disease remind me that the human body can be altered, permanently, at basically any time. Obviously injuries can be permanent, losing a limb or scarring flesh. But more deceptively, if you’ve ever had a sudden and drastic shift in your personality, a hidden invader might be the cause.

Your body and mind are your own for as long as microorganisms are willing to not be douchebags.

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