Nearly completed MGSV. Appears to only have one glaring flaw.

//Nearly completed MGSV. Appears to only have one glaring flaw.

Nearly completed MGSV. Appears to only have one glaring flaw.

I’ll be vague enough in this little rant to not spoil anything for anyone really. Basically I really enjoyed the ending of MGSV. I’ve read that some people don’t like it and that’s just what happens with these kind of things. Some people like games, some people hate games, and some folks don’t know why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch. But for me it gave me a new appreciation for a game that I’ve already put a lot of hours into. Could it have been better? Sure, they could have ended the story a few times sooner and had me be just as happy if not happier. But I don’t think it took away from it.

I’ve got roughly 40% of the game left to go. Which is why the final story mission following the end of the story (I know, this makes no sense, but follow me) pissed me off a great deal. Where most of the prior content was really well designed, this is a horde mode fight. Already off to a bad start. In this horde mode you fight a lot of tanks that are apparently manned by people who snipe with tank rounds for a living.

If you so much as sniff the gunpowder from the exploding shell you will die. So after a few hours of chipping away at this piece of shit mission you will be rewarded with…

A permanent deletion of one of your followers.


Wait? What? What the fuck?

That’s terrible game design. I’ve still got nearly half the game to finish and I just lost my best follower because I did a mission that had 0 warnings this would happen. It’s a decision that is so incredibly poor that I just can’t wrap my head around it. It has soured me so much that this game went from my game of the year to being just “quite good”. I’m still going to play it, still going to finish it, but now I’ve got this bitterness about it.

Some folks have tried to rationalize it with the plot of the story. That’s fine, whatever, but sometimes “sending a message” is not as good as keeping the game working at its fullest. Sometimes it ruins the experience to the point that it can potentially not be recovered. This does appear to be one of those times, but only more playing will tell.

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