Nearly finished with MGSV

//Nearly finished with MGSV

Nearly finished with MGSV

Today I got the special edition MGSV PS4. This is probably going to be one of those vanity items that I treasure more than most. It looks absolutely stunning. The system really pops with the mixture of red and black. The controller is pretty slick too, gorgeous and even features the diamond dogs logo on the right handle. I’m all around happy with it. I might take some better pictures down the road.

Something else I found fascinating about the system was that the game came in a really sexy box. I feel like Americans tend to get shafted for boxes, we get downloadable codes or paper sleeves. This is a hardy cardboard with all the items packed inside like what you’d expect from a pricey collector’s box for some exorbitant amount of money. Thankfully the entire thing won’t cripple me for too long monetarily. We somewhat needed a second console anyways and this fits both that need as well as my appreciation for this game.

As I get further and further from its most flawed moment I find that I remember more and more of what I like about it. Still it slips from being something truly remarkable, a fall from grace like icarus. That said I think this game shows us what could happen if someone with a lot of passion has a lot of money. The sad part is he didn’t have enough. The new world is not one that takes chances and I’m sad to say that I suspect games like this will become the exception rather than the rule in the not-too-distant future.

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