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Negativity Creep

Avoiding negativity is something that I actively do. Over the years that I’ve experienced the internet I’ve come to learn that in that realm there is little of anything you might mistake for a coherent thought. Cynicism is a drug of sorts; it gives people a sense of knowledge without any sort of effort. High returns, low risk, and low effort. It’s the recipe for all popular movements and sure enough this is a popular thing to do.

Because of the sheer vastness of people there is no end to the confirmation bias. If you say “The world is a deep dark place.” You can easily find a couple of stories to support your point from the day’s news. This is a two-part problem, the first is that there are 7 billion people on the world interacting with one another. The second is that the news is extremely biased towards these sort of stories. Nobody reports on the millions of kids that lived a perfectly normal day today. They just report on the one that was kidnapped.

I was reminded of this when the Firefighters were saving our home and the homes of thousands of other people. They were battling a 52 square mile hell on Earth with some of the worst terrain imaginable for the issue.

They saved hundreds of homes (I believe the actual number is in the thousands), but what did nearly every news station in the area cover? The dozen or so that they couldn’t save. It’s these kind of biases that help to bolster the beliefs of overtly negative people. And honestly, like any faith, it is utterly meaningless to debate it with them.

Anyone open to the idea that they might be wrong is not going to be so obnoxious that you’d desire them to change. And anyone that is obnoxious enough is going to be far too close minded for you to make any sort of impact. All that is left at that point is to decide if you are going to allow them into your world or not. And for me, that negativity is infectious. When people relentlessly batter away at your happiness it can be difficult to ignore them. Which is why I tend to cut out the problem at the source.

I will not allow it to creep into my world. I have enough trouble with the little goblins in my own mind.

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