Neverending Naps

I spent a fair amount of today napping. I don’t know if it had any sort of positive impact. Something I find interesting about napping is when, in the right environment, you can’t really stop napping. Each time you wake up you are just as tired as the time before, possibly even more tired. I woke up near the end of my sleep cycle and was greeted with a very unfortunate headache. Fantastic, I thought, try and sleep away the malaise and wake up to a thresher maw eating away at my mind.

I’ll be taking apart the rest of my decks over the upcoming weeks (likely) and some of them aren’t all that bad (compared to the Golgari one, at least). I don’t have much else to say, I’m either going to play some more Xenoblade Chronicles or System Shock 2. As long as nobody observes, perhaps I’ll play both and neither at the same time.