New Desk ~ Better Health on the Horizon

//New Desk ~ Better Health on the Horizon

New Desk ~ Better Health on the Horizon

Often when I purchase large things there is one thing missing. This desk was no different in that respect. Unfortunately the controller that actually tells the desk to rise is missing. I’m hoping that the company who made it will be cool with replacing it without giving me guff. It’s tough to know though. It’s a lovely black desk, I suspect by the end of this post I’ll get around to taking some pictures of it. The quality is off the hook. Constructing it wasn’t all that bad. The vast majority of the holes were drilled in advance (pre-drilled hurts me for some reason). The only exception was the mount for my tower. That was the most stressful part.

Basically my PC hangs from the bottom of the desk. This way if I move the desk around (it has wheels) I won’t need to unplug and replug things. Once I adhere a powerstrip beneath the desk I’ll even have the luxury of only having one plug to unplug and replug when I move it.

This weekend I won’t be standing since the controller isn’t here. But soon, I’m excited, I’ll be able to stand while playing games or doing PC work. I don’t know if people realize just how important it is to sit less. Lethargy and sedentarism have become such powerful facets of our lives that they are seen as completely normal. Unfortunately they are not. So yeah, pretty excited.

Once this room is a wee bit cleaner I’ll snap some shots. All the building left it too messy. Everyone puts their best face forward, even me.

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