New Video Game Series: JustTheTip!

//New Video Game Series: JustTheTip!

New Video Game Series: JustTheTip!

Well its about that time! I’m going to finally play every single game I own. I’ve decided to start a video series to follow with this task. Let’s go over how this will work for today and then starting Monday of next week I’ll begin releasing videos. I actually began filming tonight. Tomorrow I’ve got raids but starting next week I’ll be doing both my normal streaming of raids and whatnot and the JustTheTip series.

So what’s the idea behind this series? Well to put it simply I’m going to play one hour of every game I own. A different game Monday through Friday. Whatever game I like the most (or the game that folks watching like the most) will get played on Saturday. “Iceberg” saturdays is where we go beyond the tip and see just how much is lying beneath the surface. I’ll try my best to beat the game on Saturday but if that is just not possible I’ll play it until I’m sick of it that day. Saturday’s will likely be early days for me so that I can try and get the most out of whatever game has won for that week.

You might think “5 games a week? Bro, that’s going to eat up your backlog quick.” Yeah, I would think that too. Until I did the math and realized it will take over 2 years at this pace to get even close to finishing my Steam Library. That isn’t to speak of Consoles, and other downloadable services that will also be finished. Each game will be a unique episode and I’ll be logging them all on their own page on this website. Anyone who wants to watch the videos live can catch them on my Twitch. It’ll stream both on the website (with chat) and on Twitch. Then either that night or the following day I’ll upload the video to YouTube.

This weekend I’ll be working with Liz to make my logos for this. I’m genuinely serious about it and will be doing it alongside my Project 52 for this year. That’s actually coming along well. I just need to post status updates for it more. I’ll be over 10% done at the end of this week and am looking to add another book by the end of this month (including the 2 that’ll be going up soon).

I don’t expect the series to start out awesome because I’m not used to presenting. But going on into the future I imagine it’ll get better and better. I’ll also be holding contests and giveaways for folks that watch. So if you like free shit that might be something to look out for!

Anywho that’s the jist of it. We’ll go on this adventure together perhaps. Get into the games, but just the tip, just to see how it feels. [You knew that joke was coming. Now its out of the way. Or…is…it?]

The first game in this series was Cities: Skyline. I’m going to write about it tomorrow. Suffice it to say that this game is amazeballs. Holy hell in a handbasket. I really really like it. Had trouble pulling myself away from it to even write this. I don’t know what else I’ll be playing next week but this game might win out for the Saturday play. Time will tell!

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