No Man’s Sky and our Race for Relevancy

//No Man’s Sky and our Race for Relevancy

No Man’s Sky and our Race for Relevancy

With the launch of No Man’s Sky tonight you’ll be seeing innumerable twitch streams covering it. I’m not knocking these people and I’ll be one of them after I’m finished working tomorrow. But I do find it fascinating how the digital world has really brought to the fore just how much we all desire to be seen. Social networking as a phenomena is something that I don’t see dying in my lifetime.

Evolving? Certainly, it will take forms that I cannot even imagine as more and more barriers previously held sacred are shattered. The market for expressing ourselves is more saturated than it has ever been. Technically that might devalue it but I feel like this is something of a special market. People are fascinating for one reason or another and the more people we have displaying themselves online the better.

Sure it might make it difficult for any particular person to get noticed. But we must simply not be overcome with the “WOW” virus. Before World of Warcraft, MMOs were pretty happy with their (now considered) low population counts. The groups that formed therein were modest but satisfying. Once WOW showed us what could be done, suddenly the bar was raised to the stars.

In modern networking that bar raiser is PewDiePie. He is an anomaly that in some ways taints the progress of those beneath him. Not by any fault of his own really, just because people see his following and think “Why do I not have that? What am I doing wrong?” When really, like many success stories, it is largely about timing. Putting in a fair amount of effort at the right time will almost always outperform putting in an enormous amount of effort at the wrong time.

And so I continue to put a tiny amount of effort in at random times and see what happens.

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